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Commercial Recovery

B2B Debt Recovery, Cash Advance Loans. 1st & 3rd Party Collections.

Financial & Default Loans

Auto Lease Deficiencies, In House Financing, Credit Card Debt, Hospice. . .

Real Estate

We’re good with Property Managers, Landlords, Mortgages & Notes.


With 100 collective years of experiences, we’re adaptive to our client’s needs. Just ask us.

Industries we serve

Financial – Loans, In House Financing
Commercial – B2B, B2C
Real Estate – Property Managers, Mortgages
Retail – Automotive – Healthcare

Property Managers

Debt Collection Specialists

Global Solution Biz works with Debt Collection Specialist who are experienced and knowledgeable with techniques in the field of forensic collections. We’re striving daily to improve as we require all of our associates to undergo ongoing training and quality testing. We believe the key to success is being professionally prepared for anything our clients may need.

Investigative Researchers

Global Solution Biz makes use of the latest technologies in order to run in depth investigations on debtors. Our Associates are equipped with the most up-to-date forensic skip tracing identity software that allows them to uncover tangible assets that the debtor will hide and lead you to believe . . . they just cant pay. We use all information obtained during our investigations to aid the collection process and will advise you of any other course of action that should be taken.

Credit Reporting

Global Solution Biz has the ability & option to report ALL accounts to the major credit reporting bureaus. Debtors are notified, giving them all the more reason to pay off their existing debt. We found that debtors often refuse to take their debt seriously, until it affects their credit. Negative marks on their credit report force them to take us seriously.

For our Property Managers and In House Financing clients, we’re able to report good and bad credit. Global Solution Biz has many Solutions!

Receivables Management Association International (RMAI)

RMAI, an accounts receivable management industry trade organization, provides information and tools to help you improve financial literacy with information about managing money and debt, forming a defense against fraud and deception, and government resources. National Debt Holdings is an RMAI Certified Receivables Business (CRB).  

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