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Global Solution Biz is a 10 year old US Accounts Receivable Management company.  Our management team has over 100 collective years of asset recovery experience. With several offices, we’re based out of Atlanta, Georgia.  Global Solution Biz provides our clients with customized outsourcing solutions for numerous specialty industries.

Who we are

Working for your company's future

The bottom line is you’re in business to grow. Our arsenal of 1st & 3rd party account services have been combined to provide our clients speed and efficiency in collecting their assets.

We research then identify the reasons for non-payment, work towards our desired resolution, and get your accounts collected faster.  Our goal is to improve your Financial Bottom Line!

what we do

We're part of your growth team

Whether you bring us on as 1st or 3rd party collectors, the fact remains; as your delinquent accounts age past 30 days, the likelihood of collecting grows slimmer with each passing day.  According to the US Census Bureau, roughly 600,000 businesses are closed each year.  Our job is to help your company grow and to not be a part of this statistic! The faster that you bring Global Solution to your team, the faster that we’re able to help you improve your bottom line. You will find us professional and adaptive to work with.

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400 Galleria Parkway

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Atlanta, Georgia 30339

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